Website design services

[icon name=”star”] Domain and email setup

(register domain and setup email addresses, excludes hosting provider fees)

[icon name=”star”] Simple one page html site

(includes logo, banner, content layout, email and social links)

[icon name=”star”] WordPress website

(banners, images, content layout, navigation menus, social links, galleries, maps, contact/sign up forms, events, video/blog feeds, responsive/device friendly and other customised plugin features)

[icon name=”star”] Digital newsletter

(new template with images,links and copy – html or pdf)

(populate predesigned template – html or pdf)

(setup subscription database)

[icon name=”star”] Photography for websites & digital media

(products, fashion, food, onsite shoot of an office or building, head shot for team members, etc. photographs are edited for digital or web use)

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